Dione and Dinesh's Wedding Photos


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e301 Ganesh Puja, prayer by the groom's parents, on the mandap.jpg

e302 Dinesh walking to the mandap, the ceremony site.jpg

e303 Dinesh & his family walking to the mandap.jpg

e304 E041 Sankalp, Dinesh expressing his intentions to wed.jpg

e305 E042 Sankalp.jpg

e306 Sankalp.jpg

e307 Punyahawachan, groom requesting blessings from his elders.jpg

e308 Gunhild & Ravi.jpg

e309 E043 Punyahawachan.jpg

e310 E048 Winnie, Dinesh & his family.jpg

e311 E050 Singers of Mangalamantras, holy hymns.jpg

e312 E051 Kanyadata's Sankalp, Dione's brother, Lee, declaring that she's about to wed.jpg

e313 E052 Kanyadata's Sankalp.jpg

e314 Dione walking to the mandap.jpg

e315 Dione walking to the mandap with Heather & Alyssa.jpg

e316 E054 Dione waiting behind the antarpat to see her groom!.jpg

e317 E056 Mangalmantra, the blessing and initiation of the wedding ceremony.jpg

e318 Dinesh waiting behind the antarpat to see his bride!.jpg

e319 MF Dione & Dinesh behind the antarpat.jpeg

e320 Wedding ceremony is officially initiated with the dropping of the antarpat & the exchange of garlands.jpg

e321 E057 Dione puts garland on Dinesh.jpg

e322 Dinesh puts garland on Dione.jpg

e323 E059 Geeta & Heather place small drops of water on D & D's eyelids.jpg

e324 Gunhild & Ravi.jpg

e325 Kanyadaan, giving away of the bride by her brother, Lee.jpg

e326 Pouring of water from Lee's to Dione's to Dinesh's hands, symbolizing the passing of responsibility of the bride.jpg

e327 E019 The payoff! .jpg

e328 Niyambandh, reciting marriage vows.jpg

e329 Alyssa Heather Lee & Azusa.jpg

e330 Geeta Kris Ravi & Gunhild.jpg

e331 E062 Panigrahanam, acceptance of bride's hand; more vows.jpg

e332 Ceremony - Dione.jpg

e333 E064 Ceremony - Dione & her family.jpg

e334 E065 Ceremony - A very happy bride!.jpg

e335 Dinesh places a mangalsutra, a black and gold beaded wedding necklace, on Dione.jpg

e336 E066 Laja Homa, taking a sacred pledge of marriage in front of God & the sacred fire.jpg

e337 Laja Homa.jpg

e338 Laja Homa.jpg

e339 E067 Laja Homa.jpg

e340 E070 Bride & Groom put offerings into the fire, seeking God's blessing for a long, harmonious married life.jpg

e341 Offerings of crushed sandalwood, herbs, spices, & puffed rice.jpg

e342 Offerings of clarified butter.jpg

e343 Offerings to God into the sacred fire.jpg

e344 E018 Saptapadi, D & D take seven steps around the sacred fire together to symbolize the beginning of their journey through life.jpg

e345 E020 Rite of Seven Steps, representing seven principles & promises of married life.jpg

e346 E021 Rite of Seven Steps.jpg

e347 MF Rite of Seven Steps - Oops! We miscounted!.jpeg

e348 SL The priest declares Dinesh and Dione husband and wife!.jpg

e349 D & D show respect to their elders & obtain their blessings by bowing at their feet - Masihs.jpg

e350 Blessings - Doshis.jpg

e351 E072 After ceremony.jpg

e352 E102 After ceremony.jpg

e353 Hello, my husband.  Hello, my wife!.jpg

e354 Wait a minute!  The priest never said you may kiss the bride!.jpg

e355 Let's get what's coming to us!.jpg

e356 Time to pose for lots of pictures now!.jpg

e357 Dinesh's family 2.jpg

e358 Dione Dinesh Gunhild & Ravi.jpg

e359 Dione's family 2.jpg

e360 Lee.jpg

e361 Parents 1.jpg

e362 Parents 2.jpg

e363 Siblings 2.jpg

e364 Lee & Rana.jpg

e365 Both families 1.jpg

e366 Both families 4.jpg

e367 Lee & Azusa.jpg

e368 Dione Gunhild & Ravi.jpg

e369 Dione thirsty and Lee overworked!.jpg

e370 D & D's Dance 2.jpg

e371 Dione's Dance 3.jpg

e372 Dione's Dance 6.jpg

e373 Geeta Winnie Dione Heather & Sheila 1.jpg

e374 Dinesh & Dione 2.jpg

e375 Dione & Geeta 1.jpg

e376 Dione's backside.jpg

e377 Winnie - Photographer Extraordinaire.jpg

e378 Erick - Photographer Extraordinaire.jpg

e379 E112 Sheila - Photographer Extraordinaire.jpg

e380 E111 Winnie hard at work.jpg

e381 Do you think we can sneak away dear?.jpg

e382 Okay! You caught us!.jpg

e383 We can at least get one more kiss in!.jpg

e384 Geeta Heather & Dione 2.jpg

e385 Geeta Heather D & D 1a.jpg

e386 Geeta Heather D & D 4a.jpg

e387 Geeta Heather D & D 2.jpg

e388 Geeta Heather D & D Kris 1.jpg

e389 Geeta Heather D & D Kris 3.jpg

e390 Dinesh Geeta & Kris.jpg

e391 Dinesh Geeta & Kris.jpg

e392 Rana & Dione.jpg

e393 Getting dinner.jpg

e394 E107 Sitting down to dinner.jpg

e395 Sitting down to dinner.jpg

e396 Having dinner.jpg

e397 E109 This beer sure tastes good!.jpg

e398 E120 Ravi's speech.jpg

e399 E125 Dinesh's speech.jpg

e400 E124 Dinesh's speech.jpg

e401 Dinesh' s speech.jpg

e402 Dione's speech.jpg

e403 Dione's speech.jpg

e404 E133 Dione's speech.jpg

e405 View 1.jpg

e406 E135 Listening to speeches.jpg

e407 It's time for cake!.jpg

e408 E141 I'll trade you mine for yours!.jpg

e409 8a Wedding Cake.jpg

e410 E149 Cake Topper.jpg

e411 E166 Candlelit Diinner Table.jpg

e412 View 2.jpg

e413 3b Dione & Dinesh's 1st Dance.jpg

e414 1b Dione & Dinesh's 1st Dance.jpg

e415 E172 Dancing - Dione & Heather.jpg

e416 E174 Dancing - Dinesh.jpg

e417 E178 Dione and Dinesh danced the night away . . . and then they lived happily ever after!.jpg


August 20th and 21st, 2004


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