Dione and Dinesh's Wedding Photos


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101M027b Here comes the bride.JPG

102M012 Groom in waiting.JPG

103W2837 Dione first appears.JPG

104M027a Walking down the aisle.JPG

105KB080 Dione & Dinesh greeting.JPG

106M035 Walking to altar.JPG

107KB083 Walking to altar.JPG

108M037 Winnie - Ms. Photographer Extraordinaire.JPG

109W2863 Walking to altar.JPG

110M056 Ceremony begins - Jay.JPG

111KB1009 Ceremony.JPG

112KB1012 Ceremony.JPG

113W2880 Ceremony.JPG

114W2888 Ceremony - Alyssa.JPG

115M068 Ceremony.JPG

116KB1002 Ceremony - Alyssa.JPG

117KB1003 Ceremony - Heather sings.JPG

118W2918 Ceremony - Geeta.JPG

119M093 Dinesh's wedding ring.JPG

120MF You may kiss the bride!.jpeg

121M107 After ceremony.JPG

122W3004 Dinesh's family.JPG

123W2993 Dione's family.JPG

124W2992 Dione's family.JPG

125W2986 Group photo.JPG

126MF Rana - Videographer Extraordinaire.jpeg

127W3027 After ceremony.JPG

128M128 After ceremony.JPG

129W3107 Wow! We're Married!.JPG

130W3078 Dione.JPG

131W3121 Oh Darling!.JPG

132W3127b D & D.JPG

133W3063 D & D.JPG

134M127 After ceremony - Heather.JPG

135W3088 Dinesh ...JPG

136W3079 Matthias - Mr. Photographer Extraordinaire.JPG

137W3108a D & D kiss.JPG

138M131 Winnie - Photographer Extraordinaire.JPG

139M140 Heather making us laugh.JPG

140W3181 Dione & Dinesh.JPG

141W3196 Dione & Dinesh.JPG

142W3146 What a beautiful day.JPG

143W3204 El Matador State Beach.JPG

144W3211 Another couple about to get married.JPG

145W3223 D & D - El Matador Beach.JPG

146W3226 A surprise welcoming.JPG

147W3237 Dinesh and his two special ladies.JPG

148W3263 Lunch reception.JPG

149W3288 Geeta.JPG

150W3295 Lunch reception.JPG

151W3286 Lee.JPG

152W3244 Wedding cake.JPG

153W3329 Engraved cake serving set.JPG

154M151 Dione & Dinesh cutting the cake.JPG

155W3354 Feeding each other cake.JPG

156M157 Guests watching D & D feed each other cake.JPG

157W3361 Rana.JPG

158W3325 Dinesh Kris & Moster Inga.JPG

159W3391 Oh so silly!.JPG

160W3392 Oh so silly!.JPG

161W3393 Oh so silly!.JPG

162W3408 Smaller bouquet to throw.JPG

163W3416 Who's the next bride!.JPG

164W3417 Sarah's the next bride!.JPG

165W3419 Sarah.JPG

166W3468 Neila Auntie.JPG

167W3428 Dinesh gets Dione's garter.JPG

168W3441 Matthias caught the garter.JPG

169M163 Winnie hard at work.JPG

170W3450 Beach wedding invitation.jpg

171W3499 Group photo.JPG

172W3534 Heather.JPG

173W3506 Group photo.JPG

174W3541 Jared.JPG

175W3548 Heather Geeta D & D.JPG

176W3557 That's a wrap!.JPG

177W3514 Bird.JPG

178KB1091 Just Married!.JPG

179W3577 Just married!.JPG

180W3579 Just Married!.JPG


August 20th and 21st, 2004


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